In the world of marine design, innovation is the wind in our sails, and having the right tools is crucial to navigate the complexities of the industry. That's where Notilus Marine Plugins step in, seamlessly integrating with Rhino, the industry-standard 3D modeling software, to offer a powerhouse of capabilities tailored for yacht and ship engineering. Let's dive into the world of Notilus Marine Plugins and explore why they're essential for any marine design enthusiast.

1. Notilus Steeler: Navigating Structural Modeling with Ease

Notilus Steeler revolutionizes structural modeling with its intelligent automation and intuitive interface. Seamlessly integrated with Rhino, it enhances your design workflow by automating CAD-CAM processes. Whether it's generating 2D elements, detecting parts, or facilitating stiffener cutouts, Steeler's power lies in its ability to streamline even the most intricate ship geometries.


2. Notilus Piping: Sailing Smoothly in Piping Design

Notilus Piping takes your piping design to the next level. Rapidly create pipes, elbows, segments, and more, all within Rhino's familiar interface. The insertion of valves, reducers, and fittings based on pipe properties becomes a breeze. With customizable libraries and rapid modification commands, Piping empowers you to design efficiently and accurately.


3. Notilus Drafting: Crafting Workshop Drawings Made Easy

Notilus Drafting is your go-to workshop drawing plugin. From automatic dimensioning and labeling to generating 2D drawings, it simplifies the often intricate process of creating and revising workshop drawings. With commands for label rescaling, revision management, and more, Drafting ensures that your workshop documentation is precise and organized.


4. Notilus Clipper: Slicing Through Design Challenges

Notilus Clipper enhances Rhino's capabilities with a focus on leveraging clipping planes effectively. This tool empowers you to define clipping plane locations swiftly, enable or disable them with ease, and even save and recall project-specific clipping planes. With Clipper, you can slice through design challenges and gain new insights into your models.


Why Choose Notilus Marine Plugins?


Seamless Integration: These plugins seamlessly merge with Rhino, ensuring you can leverage their power without leaving your familiar environment.

Efficiency at Its Core: Notilus plugins are designed to enhance your efficiency, automating tasks and accelerating your design process.

Tailored for Marine: Notilus understands the unique demands of yacht and ship engineering, crafting plugins that cater specifically to these needs.

Affordable Excellence: You don't need to break the bank for top-tier marine design tools. Notilus plugins offer affordability without compromise.

Set Sail into the Future of Marine Design

With Notilus Marine Plugins, you're not just designing; you're engineering innovation. From structural modeling to workshop drawings, piping design to clipping plane mastery, these plugins equip you with the tools you need to steer your marine design projects towards success. So, why settle for the ordinary when you can harness the extraordinary with Notilus plugins? Set sail with Rhino, and let Notilus plugins be your guiding stars towards marine design excellence. ⚓????