When it comes to 3D modeling in Rhino, precise control over clipping planes can greatly enhance the design process. Introducing Notilus Clipper, a powerful plugin designed to optimize the usage of clipping planes within Rhino 3D software. This plugin provides a range of features that enable users to efficiently manipulate clipping planes, improving the overall modeling experience.

Fast Clipping Plane Placement:

Notilus Clipper simplifies the process of placing clipping planes in your Rhino model. With intuitive controls and shortcuts, users can quickly position clipping planes at desired locations, allowing for focused visualization and better control over specific sections of the model. This feature accelerates the design process and facilitates efficient modeling workflows.

Project-Based Clipping Plane Management:

Managing multiple clipping planes can be a daunting task, especially in complex projects. Notilus Clipper simplifies this process by offering project-based clipping plane management. Users can save and recall sets of clipping planes specific to their projects, ensuring consistency and efficiency across different design iterations. This feature streamlines the workflow and enhances organization within the modeling environment.


Notilus Clipper is a powerful plugin that enhances the usage of clipping planes within Rhino 3D modeling. With its fast clipping plane placement, enable/disable functionality, project-based management, enhanced controls, and streamlined workflows, this plugin empowers designers to efficiently manipulate their models and achieve desired visual effects. Embrace the power of Notilus Clipper and elevate your Rhino 3D modeling experience to new heights.

 Experience the efficiency and control of Notilus Clipper, and take your Rhino 3D modeling to the next level.