In the world of yacht and ship engineering, workshop drawings play a crucial role in translating design concepts into practical construction plans. Introducing Notilus Drafting, a powerful plugin designed specifically for Rhinoceros software, that aims to streamline the process of creating accurate and comprehensive workshop drawings.

Automatic Dimensioning and Labeling:

Notilus Drafting simplifies the tedious task of dimensioning and labeling in workshop drawings. With its intelligent algorithms, the plugin automatically generates precise dimensions and labels, ensuring consistency and accuracy throughout the drawing. This automation eliminates manual errors and saves valuable time for designers and drafters.


Automated 2D Drawing Generation:

Gone are the days of manually creating 2D drawings from 3D models. Notilus Drafting automates the process by generating 2D drawings directly from the 3D model, reducing the effort required for creating detailed workshop drawings. Designers can focus more on the creative aspects of the design, while the plugin takes care of the technical drawings.


Efficient Layout Generation:

Notilus Drafting offers efficient layout generation capabilities, allowing designers to arrange multiple drawings on a single sheet. The plugin intelligently arranges the drawings, optimizing space utilization and ensuring clear and organized presentation. This feature improves communication between the design team and the fabrication workshop, facilitating a smoother construction process.


Simplified Scene Management:

Managing scenes and views in workshop drawings can be a daunting task. Notilus Drafting simplifies this process by providing intuitive tools for scene management. Designers can easily switch between different views, capture specific scenes, and organize them according to their requirements. This functionality enhances productivity and allows for better control over the drawing presentation.


Versatile Section Options:

Notilus Drafting offers a range of section options to showcase important details in workshop drawings. Designers can create sectional views to highlight specific components, assemblies, or structural elements. This capability enables better visualization of the construction process and facilitates understanding for both the design team and the fabrication workshop.



Notilus Drafting is a game-changer in the field of yacht and ship engineering, offering advanced tools for efficient and accurate workshop drawing creation. With its automatic dimensioning, 2D drawing generation, layout management, scene organization, and versatile section options, the plugin empowers designers to create comprehensive and visually appealing workshop drawings. Embrace the power of Notilus Drafting and elevate your workshop drawing capabilities to new heights.


Streamline your workshop drawing process with Notilus Drafting and unlock a world of efficiency and precision in yacht and ship engineering.